HeartOtago is comprised of cardiovascular researchers and clinicians located at the University of Otago and Dunedin Hospital. The goal of the group is to expand upon traditional cell and animal models to better understand the molecular nature of cardiac disease in patients with heart disease and to translate the laboratory based cardiovascular research into the clinical setting.

The strong link between fundamental researchers and clinicians allows the group to study cardiac disease from genetic mutations within a single protein, through tissue and animal models, to patients presenting with a range of cardiac anomalies. Investigations involve a wide range of techniques including electrophysiology, cell imaging, genetic and biomarker screening, multicellular human tissue and whole animal heart function measurements, and human and animal in vivo cardiac function via echocardiography.

HeartOtago operates with funding from the following organisations:
University of Otago Research GrantOtago Medical Research FoundationMarsden FundLottery Health ResearchHeart FoundationHealthcare Otago TrustHealth Research Council